Friday, June 12, 2009

Kingburg Kitchen - One of the better NRM deals in town! (San Gabriel)

Outside Kingburg Kitchen

After getting my Canon dSLR just days before my Urasawa dinner, I've stopped using my P&S camera (other than the Jitlada dinner), and subsequently, I gave it to my mom for her to use. However, after going through a few folders of my old back logged pictures shot by my point and shoot camera, I've stumbled upon some pictures from my go to spot for beef noodle soup (NRM) in the San Gabriel Valley, Kingburg Kitchen.

Sign states: Order, Make, Wrap, Pan Fry (re: Pan Fried Bao)

A hearty bowl of Beef Noodle Soup

After trying the various beef noodle soup around town (Kam Hong, A&J, Noodle King, Dai Ho, Ding's Garden (2 of them), and even at Cotton Candy), there were always something that I wasn't too happy about with the bowl of noodles I ate. In a way, my cravings of a bowl of beef noodle soup has never been met. Sadly, even after Kingburg, I found there's still no perfect bowl of NRM on this side of the Pacific, yet, this was the best of the best here.

To go in depth about NRM, ramen, or any bowl of noodle soup, the broth is key. My friends, the broth for this bowl of NRM at Kingburg is terrific! It's savory, rich, and not too salty. It definitely has a lot of flavor. The chunks of the beef used here was very soft and tender, one of the better ones I've eaten. Sadly, the only real thing lacking from this bowl of noodle soup were the noodles themselves. The noodle here was not bad, but it just doesn't stand out. I've longed for some with more of a texture, or what us Taiwanese people would say "Q Q." In fact, I almost wished I could smuggled the noodles from Kam Hong and dump it into the soup here for the perfect NRM! (So yes, the best noodles IMO are found at Kam Hong. Their knife cut noodles are terrific, but sadly, their soup can be a bit bland). In the end, the soup, with a side of baby bok choy, mustard green and green onion completes what I call one of the best NRM in the SGV. Yet, this is just part I of the combo meal offered here.

Dumplings (w/cabbage, pork and shrimp)

Part II of the combo meal were the 5 pieces of dumplings chosen from a list of filling types. For the 3 seafood, or the fish dumplings, the combo becomes $7, for all other choices, it's $6 with the bowl of noodles. Honestly, this IS a recession dinner. Cheap, delicious, and causal. The dumplings were made fresh to order and the fillings were generous, if not overflowing. It's one of the few times I didn't need any soy sauce/chilli/vinegar to add to the taste as the flavors from the filling were far from bland. I'd even say this is probably the best place you could go, solely for dumplings.

There were definitely a few minus points about Kingburg. I'm not a huge fan of their pan fried bao, one of their specialties. The flavor and the skins just don't quite match up to what I have in mind to a good pan fried bao. I wish I had a picture of it, but it was from my pre picture taking days. In addition, the server can be slightly pushy with the various products here, so if you only want the combo, then stand your ground! There will be a language barrier, but as what stated, "pantomiming works like a charm." If that doesn't work, call me out and I'll eat here with you! LOL

Props to Tony C. of Sinosoul who introduced me to this place. Not only is this place close to my house, I've missed this place on my drive to Golden Deli and other restaurants on Las Tunas in the past. This might be a little hole in the wall in a strip mall that features El Pollo Loco, but Kingburg Kitchen shouldn't be missed. Order the $6 or $7 combo, so your stomach AND your wallet will thank you.

Final Grade
  • Taste: 4.5 out of 5
  • Decor: 3 out of 5
  • Service: 3 out of 5
Kingburg Kitchen
715 W. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776

Kingburg Kitchen in Los Angeles


weezermonkey said...

Totally going there. Somewhat related, my co-workers and I love Golden Deli!

Kung Food Panda said...

Sharon: Check it out and let me know how it went. Just don't give in to the lady at the front selling you on other food items. The combo is more than enough food!

Gastronomer said...

You know how I feel about Kingburg. So, to all those non-Chinese folks out there, what does NRM stand for? Beef noodle soup is BNS ;-)

Kung Food Panda said...

Gastronomer: NRM = Niu Rou Mian = Beef Noodle Soup. BNS just doesn't sound right! =P

cocochanelella said...

Wow what a deal for the combo. I haven't had a good bowl of beef noodle too AND I haven't even had the real thing from Taiwan to compare. The pics from the P&S look good though.

Kung Food Panda said...

Bonnie: The point and shoot pics are not too good, but those will do. It's cheap SGV food, but I need more of that if I'm going to FL with you, right? =)

Pandalicious said...

damn, you eat some good TW food. gonna visit this place, love NRM.

Kung Food Panda said...

Pandalicious: Hope you'll like it!