Tuesday, October 6, 2009

El Taquito Mexicano Truck - Love the Proximity (Pasadena)

I guess I'll write a quick review to celebrate my new blog url. Yes folks, I've purchased http://kungfoodpanda.com!!

Le Truck

El Taquito Mexicano Truck

El Taquito taco truck, a truck I heard of while I was still posting on Yelp, but never visited since I was living in Torrance at the time. Time passed and I've relocated in the area and HELLO Tacos! Inspired by a post by PK, Gourmet Pigs and I ventured off towards the truck that's stationed at Nishikawa Auto Services on Fair Oaks.


Menu and Other Signs

The menu here is simple, yet there are plenty of meat to choose from. There are seven different types of meat choices, including cabeza (head), lengua (tongue), and the ever safe asada (steak). At $1.25/each, it's one of the best late night choices in the Pasadena area. Along with the meat choice, you're able to pick from either verde (green) salsa or roja (red). For those that prefer a spicier option, like myself, the roja is the way to go.

Meh, not totally digging the bokeh
More Tacos


I ended up ordering 5 different tacos, one of each meat except asada and pollo (chicken) since those are too "normal." After looking at these pictures, I honestly have no idea what meat was what, but I'll just say, the tacos really hit the spot on a late Summer evening!


Iced Cold Sapporo

What else goes better with tacos than some iced cold beer. I know it's not Dos Equis, Corona, or any other brand of Mexican beer, but cold beer + tacos spells winner for me, every single time!

El Taquito Mexicano Truck may not be the best taco truck I've ever had, but in Pasadena, it's hard to find any better option than this. There's another truck down the street, but I'd stick to Taquito everytime! Seriously, forget Kogi, Calbi, and any of these random food trucks that's been popping all over West LA/DTLA. I personally will stick to these "roach coaches" everytime, anytime!

*Update 12/15/09* El Taquito serves Horchata! Large is $2!

El Taquito Mexicano Truck
510 S. Fair Oaks Ave (in Nishikawa Auto Services parking lot)
Pasadena, CA 91105

El Taquito Mexicano Truck in Los Angeles


weezermonkey said...

I love that you drank Sapporo with your tacos.

Sweet new banner, dude.

Ravenous Couple said...

like the new "mean" voracious looking panda header! Totally agree with you--skip headach of kogi..

Food, she thought. said...

Site looks great!!! So does your dinner!


Daniel S. said...

Love the taco and Sapporo mix. Nice!

Gastronomer said...

Just updated the link to your site on my blog. Congrats on the purchase! You're officially official.

Wesley said...

Nice. One of my favorite taco trucks to visit! Their salsa has great flavor. I'm jealous that you are right around the corner because I usually have to eat off my trunk.

Protocol Snow said...

Your banner is so awesome! Congrats on the official domain!

burumun said...

Sorry that I didn't have any Mexican beer at my house, I'll do better next time (or will I?).
Congrats on getting KFP.com! And love your logo + catchphrase there

Kung Food Panda said...

Weezer: Love Sapporo, and beer goes damn well with tacos. Thanks for the compliment!

RC: Ya, I couldn't go with the "cute" panda look a la Twohungrypandas :)

Liz: Thanks! :D

Daniel: I could use some right about now....

Cathy: Yup, I'm finally officially official =P

Wesley: Let's hit this place up for some late night grubbin'

Protocal Snow: Thanks! :)

GP: Ya! Maybe next time we'd eat it with wine, and be high class =P

Diana said...

Yahoo for owning your domain! Does that mean you are also the master of your domain?

Kung Food Panda said...

Diana: I'm always the master of my domain =P