Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ondal 2 - I like crabs, you like crabs, but I LOVE crab soup! (Los Angeles)



As we're headed toward winter season here in Los Angeles (or the lack of one), what else is better than spicy soup? In this instance, Korean spicy crab soup aka kkot geh tang (꽃게탕)

Dining Room (2)Dining Roombanchanbanchan

(Top: Dining Room Bottom: Various banchan (

The things I like about Ondal are the clean atmosphere, 2 LCD TV in case there's a basketball game broadcasted (like the Fakers), and wonderful array of banchan (반찬) dishes. One of my favorites are the egg and the spicy octopus.


What's better than some soju to accompany the meal?

hamul pajun

hamul pajun (Seafood Pancake)

The hamul pajun here is fantastic, one of the better version I've had here in Los Angeles. I always like to order this as an appetizer for the meal before the spicy crab soup hits the table.

kkot geh tang 꽃게탕
Rice stuffed into the crab with sproutsReady for 2nd courseMmmmSoo Jah BeeSoojehbeeBest Korean Fried Rice!Start of BokeumbapBokeumbap

Entire Process of the kkot geh tang (꽃게탕) meal at Ondal 2

Sometimes the phrase "pictures equals a thousand words" really means something, or it's just that I'm too lazy explaining each course of this meal. The kkot geh tang it comes in either small, medium or large. A medium will feed a party of 4, and large feeds about 6. Each person will get a crab shell filled with rice while the crab itself will continue to cook inside the soup. Once the crab and most of the soup are eaten, the next part of the meal begins.

The 2nd part begins with zucchini and additional soup stock poured into the stew, and the "soo jeh bee" is formed and tossed into the pot. The soo jeh bee or hand formed dough is similar to "mian ge da," which is a type of dough/pasta known amongst the Chinese people. The pasta has good texture and with the soup, it's fantastic!

Finally, my favorite part of the kkot geh tang experience at Ondal, the bokeumbap (aka Korean Fried Rice). The ingredients are simple, but the end result is fantastic, maybe due to some of the crab essence from the soup. Let the rice cook a bit so the rice is slightly crispy. Now that's the best way to enjoy the fried rice!


Shikkae (sweet rice drink)

This is a great way to end the meal. Icy, sweet, and 100% delicious. Much, MUCH better than the canned version I've resorted to buy over time. I really enjoy this version here and I wish more Korean restaurants would serve shikkae to end a meal.

All in all, I really enjoyed the meals I've had at Ondal in the past. Especially with the winter months approaching, make a stop to Ondal 2 for some spicy Korean soup. Although I've heard good things about their other stews, you can't go wrong with the crab version. The service here is friendly and the place is clean. Hell, even parking is plentiful, although the area is slightly sketchy. Don't worry, valet parking is available for $1.50! Annyoung!

Ondal 2
4566 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Ondal 2 in Los Angeles


mattatouille said...

you eat Korean food like a Korean. That's awesome. Now we need to come to Korea together and chow down for a few weeks!

MyLastBite said...

Wow, the spicy crab soup looks AMAZING!

weezermonkey said...

Ondal 2 looks nicer than Ondal (which had a C rating when I last went)!

Gastronomer said...

Holla at me the next time you hit up this place. It looks fantastic!

dustin said...

i'm a disgrace to all asians and can't handle spicy food. is it possible to order the soup mild? that seafood pancake looks delish!

Marie said...

What an ooh and ahh kind of post. It's been far too long since I've had a really spicy meal.

Anonymous said...

that looks like labasan. labasan must be good then

Kung Food Panda said...

Matt: You know I'll always be down for Korean food, either in Korea or KTown! You still need to take me to Honey Pig!

Jo: It's indeed delicious :)

Monkey: Try Ondal 2, it's worth the drive!

Cathy: You got it chica!

D: You can definitely get it mild, and just get more spice on the side in case others in the party wants a bit more heat in the soup.

Marie: You should definitely check it out! Great place and friendly owner.

Anon: You're indeed the labasan! LOL

burumun said...

How spicy is spicy crab soup?
( i.e. Can GP handle it? :P )

Kung Food Panda said...

GP: I'm positive you can handle it! :P