Sunday, November 29, 2009

FoodDigger Dinner @ Bond Street (Beverly Hills)


The head chef of Bond St. Chef Brian Redzikowski

Bond Street, a restaurant unknown to me until I read a few fellow LA bloggers' review of the Beverly Hill's location earlier this fall (ie: this wonderful review by the lovely Gastronomyblog). However, when I was extended an invitation by the wonderful crew at FoodDigger, I was definitely intrigued to try the menu at Bond Street. Especially with the impressive resume Chef Brian Redzikowski had previously (Think Le Bernardin and Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas)


Flavor Match

Courtesy of kevinEats

Before the meal starts, we were given an updated Flavor Match system that's been refined on the FoodDigger website. Even though we were introduced an earlier model of the Flavor Match system, the one presented during the Bond Street dinner was definitely more refined, and it's one of the nice system used to determine if you'd "trust" another reviewer's taste buds. There are 12 different questions to answer, so give it a try on FoodDigger.


Menu for the night (courtesy of kevinEats)


1. Prosecco Sangria (edible)

This was quite a nice dish, although I'm not sure the timing was something I'd agree with. The tart flavor was definitely a palate cleansor, but I'd probably prefer this more as a dessert.


2. Quail Egg - canadian chanterelles, parsley, prosciutto
Theo Minges 2007 Riesling Germany

This was quite a delicious and interesting dish. I definitely enjoyed the quail egg and prosciutto in this multi-layered "shot glass" of a dish. Similar to a hamachi shooter found in a Japanese restaurant, but much more complex. Quite nice!


3. Foie Gras - spiced rice crispy treat, yogurt in 3 forms
Palari Faro 2003 Spain

Although the foie gras wasn't the dominant ingredient in this particular dish (the rice crispy treat was), the foie gras was done in a way I've never had it before. Sugary, slightly tart from the yogurt chip, although not my favorite rendition of foie gras I've had, it's a quite good.


4. Alaskan King Crab - in its butter, preserved meyer lemon
Zuiyo Junmai Sake

I love all seafood, especially the crustacean variety, so of course, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The essence of the crab is definitely noticeable, and the hint of the meyer lemon adds a nice touch.


5. Santa Barbara Spot Prawn - ravioli, beets, ultra mini onion, red pepper jus
Le Grand Vallon Condrieu 2007 France

This dish reminded me of a shrimp wonton in chili oil (found often at Chinese restaurants). The shrimp tasted fresh and succulent, definitely a tasty dish. The onions accented the dish quite well.


6. Halibut - parsley, garlic, beurre rouge
Louis Latour 2006 Montagny Premier Cru France

Next, we were presented with a lovely halibut filet cooked via sous vide (made famous by Thomas Keller). The fish was tender and delicious, one of the better preparation of halibut I've had. The compressed eggs definitely added a nice creamy texture to this dish. I enjoyed this quite a bit!


7. Japanese Bouillabaisse - lobster, squid, uni rouille
Le Galantin Rose Bandol 2008

Wow, simply wow. Probably my favorite dish of the night. The red pepper based broth was pour upon a melody of seafood, what's better than that? This was a dish I heard of prior to my visit and I was glad I was able to enjoy it as well. Definitely a must order dish if you're heading to Bond Street.


8. "Vietnamese Sandwich" - baguette, pork, pickled carrots
Singha Beer

Vietnamese sandwich, aka banh mi is something I'm quite familiar with living in the SGV. Heck, even something I've enjoyed as an Undergrad student at UC Davis. While delicious, the version made by Chef Redzikowski wasn't memorable. Although I do give him a lot of credit adding this dish to our tasting menu. It shows he's willing to go outside his comfort zone to prepare new dishes for his clientele.


9. Sonoma Lamb Shoulder - potato puree, carrot-ginger "cappuccino"
Txakoli Xarmant Spain

The lamb, one of my favorites in terms of things to eat. In this preparation, it was done very well. The meat was tender and not gamey, which may bother some detractors of lamb eaters. The carrot-ginger foam added a nice touch to the dish and the potato puree completes the dish quite nicely.


10. Mochi Donuts - candied rhubarb, yogurt, coconut ice cream

If the Japanese Bouillabaisse was my favorite dish of the night, the mochi donut was definitely my favorite dessert of the night. I was lucky enough that Marshal of FoodDigger is on a diet as I was given most of his dessert (along with most of the tasting menu). The mochi donut could have been served alone, but with the addition of the coconut ice cream, it just made it THAT much better. A simply wonderful dessert. A must order!


11. "Mango Lassi" - tradition flavors

The mango lassi, one of the classic Indian drink made out of fresh mango and yogurt. In Redzikowski's version, he used mango chips, mango gelatin, in a yogurt based sauce. I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as the previous dessert, but it's definitely more refreshing.


"Bazooka Joe" - on the rocks

This last dish shows off Chef Redzikowski's playful side. A drink that taste of bubble gum, very nice. A "curry" infused popcorn that was quite addicting, and inside the box was a Strawberry bon-bon. Very nice.

All in all, a fantastic night. Thanks again to FoodDigger and the great people that head it (Marshal, Brian, and Will). Also, a wonderful job by Chef Brian Redzikowski and staff for a great night and great job cooking the menu. With Redzikowski at the helm, I'm sure Bond Street will gain great acclaim over time in Los Angeles joining the big boys in town. I'll be interested in going back and trying some new dishes, as well as some of my favorites from the FoodDigger dinner.

For more pictures, please check out the slideshow below:

BondSt @ The Thompson Hotel
9360 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 601-2255

Bond St at the Thompson Hotel in Los Angeles


Gastronomer said...

I've been waiting for this write up for months! Thanks, Danny :-)

Wish I could've been there to try B. Redzikowski's new dishes. I also wish I could've been there to help Marshall and his diet out.

You gonna eat that?

kevinEats said...

Nice job--you said you'd get it out at Rivera, and you did. Now to wait for the other pandas...

Aaron said...

Whoa, how old is this event? Just messing with you; I have an equally dated backlog.

I especially liked the picture of the bouillabaisse being poured out of the kettle.

cocochanelella said...

The mochi donut sounds and looks very unique and usual dish, wish there was something similar here in SF.

Kung Food Panda said...

Cathy: I'm a slacker, I know =(

Kev: I'm definitely not as good as you with the rate of reviews, but since I was sick over the weekend, I had some extra time to blog.

Aaron: 2 months ago, but I'm seriously backlogged. I just moved this on my #1 to-do list. I had to edit the pic quite a bit since the lighting at the event was a bit dark.

Bonnie: I really enjoyed the mochi dish!

catty said...

ah look at the banh mi! were they miniature? totally groovy at a restaurant of this calibre would like banh mi, i think that's brilliant :)

Kung Food Panda said...

catty: It was definitely very cute to look at. The banh mi was actually quite good.

burumun said...

I'm not one to say this, but yeah, that took a while haha :P
I miss his Japanese bouillabaise and mochi donuts. I heard the bouillabaise is back on the menu though, so I need to go back!

The quail egg looks good and interesting, wish I was at this dinner w you guys.

Kung Food Panda said...

GP: Seriously, I'm slacking!

I'm definitely interested in checking out Bond St. in the future.