Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boiling Point - Stinky Goodness, In A Personal Hot Pot Form (Monterey Park)


Boiling Point

This is a restaurant I should have written about long time ago, though as many of you know, my blogging queue is sadly growing by the day. In regards to Boiling Point, it's a Taiwanese restaurant that specializes in personal hot pots, similar to the ones found at night markets in Taiwan. Having grown up in Taipei, and my yearly return visits back to the Motherland, visiting one of the many night markets in Taipei has become commonplace in my itinerary. One of the more popular food stands, especially during the winter seasons are ones that offer personal hot pot like the ones served at Boiling Point.

BP - Lunch Special

Lunch Special Sign

BP - Part of the Lunch Special $8.99

Part of the Lunch Special (Old Point and Shoot Shot)

Though the prices will never be as cheap (or nearly as good) as the ones I've had in Taiwan, the lunch special at Boiling Point is quite a bargain for the amount of food given. For $8.99, you're given your choice of hot pot, choice of rice/vermicelli, and a choice of soft drink or tea (no refill). Dinner time prices are $9.99 per pot, without the soft drink. Still, a pretty decent price.

BP - Sauces

Sauces (From Left: Chili, Spicy Bean Paste, Garlic Soy Paste)

From the self serve sauce bar, you're given the choice of three sauces: chili sauce (normal, yet adds a nice additional spice to the hot pot and various cooked ingredients), spicy bean paste (a good alternative to those that can't handle the spice of the chili sauce with a subtle soy bean flavor), and finally, my favorite, the garlic infused soy paste (slightly thicker than soy sauce). All the sauces adds an interesting flavor to the hot pot ingredients, I'd suggest trying each to see which of the 3 you'd prefer the most, or just mix 'n match.

BP - Blood Cake

Pork Blood Rice Cake

Boiling Point offers a wide variety of a la carte side dishes to add on to the personal hot pot. From various frozen dumplings, vegetable, and meat. On this visit, we went with pork blood rice cakes, one of my personal favorites, though I personally know it will not appeal to many out there. Now, onto the main attraction, the personal hot pot...

BP - House Special Hot PotBP - House Special Hot PotBP - House Special Hot Pot

House Special Hot Pot

Now, Boiling Point does offer a few various hot pots. From vegetarian pot, seafood pot, to a Korean Kimchi pot, there are about 7-8 different ones to choose from. However, in my numerous trips to Boiling Point, the ONLY pot I've ordered was the House Special Hot Pot. With the numerious ingredients (quail eggs, pork intestines, pork, tomatoes, pork blood, and the most important item, 4 generous portions of my favorite stinky tofu amongst the items) in the pot, along with either rice or vermicelli, it's quite a hearty meal in this recent cold weather.

Stinky tofu, especially with its name, can be hard to take in, as it was even shown on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods in its Taiwan episode. However, like with durian, moldy cheese, and even beer, it's an acquired taste. For those that are willing to try new things, disregard the smell of the restaurant (Yes, Boiling Point does stink a bit like Stinky Tofu) and try out the house special pot. However, for those that are less inclined, there are other options for you, without the stink! The pots comes in various spice levels. From mild to extra spicy, there's always a pot for everyone. Although I rarely would crave Boiling Point, eating here would remind me of eating at one of those Taiwanese night market stands, especially with the Taiwanese pop music in the background. Ah....good times!

*Note* There is also a Boiling Point located in Hacienda Heights.

Boiling Point
153 W. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 288-9876

Boiling Point in Los Angeles


Lori Lynn said...

The hot pot looks mighty tasty! (not so much the rice cakes). I have never heard of Stinky Tofu, I am intrigued, must put that on my list of things to try. And all the sauces look great.

Happy New Year Danny!

Bonnibella said...

Don't know how I feel about eating hot pot with stinky tofu infused throughout the entire soup.

Pandalicious said...

looks good and decently priced! i've only been to little fat sheep for hot pot, but gonna give this place a try. will not try the pork blood though. great post!

Kung Food Panda said...

Lori: Stinky tofu is fermented tofu, though I"m not sure everyone would like it :P Though they do have various pots there!

Bonni: I love stinky tofu! :)

Amy: The personal pots are pretty nice, and probably a bit more sanitary than the communal pots. LFS is pretty good, you should try Lu Gi on Valley/New.

Gastronomer said...

Thanks for sharing the glory that is Boiling Point with me. The stinky tofu was too much for me to handle, but the broth and sauces were superb! Excellent food for wintry So Cal weather.

Kung Food Panda said...

Cathy: I think next time you should get the seafood pot or something similar :)

Anonymous said...

Gimme a Big-Mac anytime!

Kung Food Panda said...

Anon: I like big macs too. All good!