Saturday, December 5, 2009

Duff's Famous Wings - Not just a beer Homer Simpson drinks. Doh! (Toronto, ONT)


Duff's Famous Wings

As my friends and I trekked around the streets of Toronto after a brief and uneventful trip to Chinatown, we stumbled upon Duff's Famous Wings, a buffalo wing restaurant first made famous in Buffalo, NY. Since that was on our list of restaurant to eat during our upcoming driving route to Montreal, we decided to just try it now since we weren't full from our disappointing dim sum experience.

Celery Sticks w/ bleu cheese & ranch

Wing Staple: Celery Sticks w/bleu cheese and ranch dipping sauces


Large Pitcher of "pop." We're just hardcore like that!


20 Pieces of Buffalo Wings (Left: Medium, Right: Mild-Medium), and an order of Fries

Since Duff's was just a snack, we decided to go with their buffalo wings combo deal (20 wings + fries + large pitcher of "pop" for 26.25 CAD). Since none of us were in the beer drinking mood, we went with good ol' Coca Cola, though the Canucks prefer to call it "pop." When I hear the word "pop" the music video of "Pop! Goes my Heart" comes to mind:

So I digress.....

The celery sticks were crunchy and went well with sauces provided. The fries were nothing out of the ordinary, thus we didn't really finish those. The main attraction were the wings and we went 50/50 in terms of the spice levels. We had a half order of medium spice and half an order of mild-medium. The sauces at Duff's Famous Wings ranges from mild to the hottest level of armageddon. Since the three of us had plenty of travels ahead of us, we went with the safer options.

The buffalo wings were flavorful, moist, and packed a decent amount of heat. However, I'm not sure if it stood out from any wings I could have found here in Los Angeles. Should I have gone to the original store in Buffalo, NY? Frankly, I'm not sure if it'll be worth the trip to eat buffalo wings in Buffalo, but it'll be an experience. Even though the wings at Duff's didn't stand out, it wasn't at all disappointing. Besides, we were satisfied from the food and we're off exploring for some tasty dessert in Little Italy! (To be posted next!)

As Homer Simpson always says "Mmmmm....(Duff) Beer."

Final Rating 7 out of 10

Duff's Famous Wings
558 College Street
Toronto, ONT
(416) 963-4446


cocochanelella said...

hahaha.....I love that Huge Grant video!

Gastronomer said...

I never knew the Kung Food Panda indulged in romantic comedies ;-) When I hear POP, I think of Nsync.

Very interesting that you traveled to Canada to eat an America favorite.

Kung Food Panda said...

Bonnie: Me too, I enjoyed that movie!

Cathy: Shhh...I like only manly movies! LOL

Ya, they had a store in Toronto, so we figured we can pass on the stop in Buffalo and go elsewhere instead (which was Rochester) said...

Please tell me you had a poutine while in Montreal?

The beeeeest!

Kung Food Panda said...

Montreal: Definitely! Went to La Banquise and the poutine at Au Pied de Cochon. Will post that shortly...

Aaron said...

So Buffalo buffalo wings are nothing special eh? What a shame. Everytime I think of buffalo wings, I always think of this grammatically correct sentence I learned in linguistics--buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo