Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doughnut Plant - It's Mmmm Mmmm good! (New York City)

Donut Plant
Donut Plant

Outside Donut Plant

After landing at JFK and cabbing it to my friend's apartment in Brooklyn at 5AM in the morning, without any sleep I might add, I needed a rush. The rush I needed was sugar, which I found as I arrived in Manhattan, to be specific, the Lower East Side. After reading Gastronomy's post about Doughnut Plant, I knew this would be my first stop in the Big Apple.



After perusing the menu and the aforementioned post on Gastronomy's blog, I decided to start with the crème brûlée doughnut. My favorite dessert in doughnut form, I'm definitely intrigued!

Creme Brulee @ Donut PlantCreme Brulee @ Donut Plant

Crème Brûlée Doughnut ($3)

First thing that came to mind was the size of the doughnut, which was smaller than your average doughnut. However, the taste and flavor was on a different level. The vanilla custard filling was fantastic, similar to your usual crème brûlée. Very nice. In addition, the top of the doughnut was done fabulously with the caramelized sugar that was finished off by the blow torch. What a fantastic dessert!

Meyer Lemon @ Donut PlantMeyer Lemon @ Donut Plant

Meyer Lemon Doughnut ($2)

Even though I was craving the tres leches doughnut, I decided on the seasonal special meyer lemon doughnut as the 2nd donut instead. I'm glad I did! The meyer lemon was light, and refreshing, quite a nice contrast to the heavier crème brûlée doughnut. I especially enjoyed the lemon zest that was found prominently in the doughnut.

Donut Rack @ Donut PlantUp close @ Donut Plant

Doughnut Rack

To recap, Doughnut Plant was a great choice for my first meal in NYC. The service was fantastic, and the doughnuts were great. All the doughnuts were made fresh in-house, as there were fresh batches coming in at all times. The place was small, but there was a consistent line and after trying the doughnuts, I could definitely see why. I wish I made a return visit before I left, but sadly, I ran out of time and appetite. Though on my next trip, I do want to try the tres leches doughnut, along with their famous chai tea that a lady I spoke with that was raving. Come to Los Angeles Doughnut Plant! Even though normally I don't crave fried desserts, you've made a believer out of me!

In addition, Doughnut Plant is opening a new location at the Chelsea Hotel that will offer their own special flavors that cannot be found at the Lower East Side location, so I'll look forward to see how that location fares. Besides seasonal doughnuts, Doughnut Plant also offers holiday doughnuts, like the upcoming candied ginger doughnut, just in time for Lunar New Year! If any of you guys are in NYC, bring me back some doughnuts from Doughnut Plant. Thanks!

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 505-3700
Official Website

Doughnut Plant in New York


Bianca @southbay rants n raves said...

The fact that I've seen several posts about this place is a definite sign that I need to try it next time I'm in NY!

yutjangsah said...

To not get a take-away box with more donuts = fail. That creme brulee donut needs to get in my mouth asap.

Gastronomer said...

Doughnut Plant needs to set up shop next door to every M Cafe in LA. It's the right thing to do.

sku said...

Thnaks for the great report. I'm in NYC in the spring and will make it a priority.

The innovative flavors distinguish it from our more traditional local places, but is there any comparison you can make to local favorites...Stan's? Primo's? Donut Man? Grace?

Bonnibella said...

People often complain about Dynamo Donuts in SF because it's $2-3 each, looks like NYC been doing it for awhile. But when it comes to gourmet and quality it's worth it. The creme brulee looks very luxurious. I want.

Daily Gluttony said...

How dare you post this during my Biggest Loser challenge? You are going to make me FAIL. haha

As Homer Simpson would say "Mmmmmmmm, donuts....."

Marie said...

Creme brulee donut? Sounds like the kind of thing that makes time stop when you eat it. I am going to test this theory out the next time I'm in NYC!

weezermonkey said...

Get in mah belly!

Ravenous Couple said...

let the feasting begin! can't wait to see all your NYC posts!

Kung Food Panda said...

Bianca: Please do, and let me know how the tres leches tastes! I just couldn't add a 3rd doughnut.

Sook: I was lazy and sleepy. Didn't want to drag a box along with me. I had the intentions of going back for more, but didn't have the time....sad.

Cathy: Agreed! Word!

sku: I'll be frank, I'm not really a doughnut person, so I haven't had the favorites. Even though I'm not keen on fried desserts, the doughtnuts here were not oily or rich. It's really....very nice.

Bonni: Sometimes you just have to splurge. Quality over quantity, right? :)

DG: You gotta splurge once in awhile right?? You gotta try the creme brulee doughnuts!

Marie: It's sinfully good. Hopefully you'll follow my upcoming NYC reviews!

Ms. Monkey: No. Get in MY belly!! :)

RC: Yup, I'll combine a mix of NYC, Canada, and LA reviews in the coming months!

Diana said...

How can a place called Doughnut Plant be bad? I think we need to grow one here in LA. Mmm creme brulee doughnut...

Pandalicious said...

haha, i didn't see this post. so jealous you went here!! yummmy!!!!

Anna A. said...

ah damn you for coming here! so jealous. I guess we'll have to go back for the tres leches..

Kung Food Panda said...

Diana: Haha! I agree, I wish we could grow one here. I should have gotten the tres leches too, but 3 doughnuts in the morning was a bit too much....

Amy: Have you been? I know you've been to NYC a few times.

Anna: Let me know when you go to NYC, as I'm DEFINITELY going again. Hopefully soon...

kirbie said...

Oh yum. This place is definitely on my list for my trip to NYC.

Kung Food Panda said...

Kirbie: Please let me know what you think! Try the tres leches so you can let me know how good it is, though don't miss on the creme brulee doughnut.

Pandalicious said...

yes, i went here once and it was so good that i walked back to get another donut!!