Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hockey Hall Of Fame - My Date With Lord Stanley (Toronto, ONT)

Hockey HOFHockey HOF


As we shift some of these review back to our neighbors upstairs, Canada, this is a way to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Danny, I'm a Panda, and I'm also a Hockey fan.

Growing up in the United States, before becoming a foodie, a "gourmand," I've always been what you call a sport nut. I love Baseball, Football, Basketball, and heck, even NASCAR, but in the past 3-4 years, the sport that I've been following primarily has been Hockey, and my San Jose Sharks. All this was probably due to the nightly hockey conversation with my buddy Samuel, a hockey fanatic from Canada.

One of the main reasons I decided on adding Toronto to our Canadian tour wasn't due to its food, but for me, selfishly, I wanted to see the National Hockey Hall of Fame. It's like going to Graceland for them Elvis fans. Here we go:

Hockey HOFHockey HOFEntranceHockey HOF

Shot from Entrance

Located underground in a small shopping center, the Hockey Hall of Fame was neatly tucked in a corner, though the Hall of Fame interior was quite deep. The Entrance fee was $15 for adults and worth every dime!

Canada!Mother Russia!Taiwanese Hockey team??Hockey of many nations

Hockey Uniform of Many Nations, Including Taiwan

Bobby Orr #4O! Canada~

Some various shots of yours truly at the Hall of Fame. On top, it's me and one of my favorite players of all time, and probably the BEST Defenceman of all time, Bobby Orr, #4. On the bottom, that shot was dedicated to my Canadian buddy. As a hockey fan, you gotta love watch Team Canada or Team Russia. My matchup for the gold medal game. Sorry USA, but I just don't think we can beat either of those two teams.....

Hockey HOFMontreal Canadian locker roomMontreal Canadian locker room

More shots of the Hall of Fame, including another one of my long time favorite, Super Mario (Mario Lemieux), and the locker room of the famous Montreal Canadians.

Hockey HOF

Yes! Les Sharks!

Hockey HOF

Finally, here it date, Lord Stanley's Cup

Hockey HOFMe w/ the Lord Stanley Cup

One of the few (or many) times you'll see me smile like a moron. I was like a kid in a candy store. The Hockey Hall of Fame was filled with all the major trophies, but seeing the Stanley Cup up close was a pure thrill. I was tempted to pick it up and raise it above my head as they do after winning the Championship, though I doubt I'd be here writing this review if I had done that. If you're a hockey nut like me, or just simply enjoy hockey and somehow found yourself in Toronto, make sure you make a trek to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Trust the Panda!

Freshly SqueezedStrawberry Banana

Can I really do a post without some sort of food/drink? Well, after the trek to the Hockey Hall of Fame, we had some spare time before our dinner at Acqua, so my buddies Morgan, Benny, and I grabbed some Strawberry & Banana smoothies from Freshly Squeezed, which looked to be Canada's answer to Jamba Juice.

All in all, a fun time, a great experience. If I ever decide to visit Toronto again, it'll because I want to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame again!

Hockey Hall of Fame
30 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON, Canada
(416) 360-7735
Official Website

Freshly Squeezed
Various Locations


catty said...

hahaha I love that you just HAD to mention something food-related in your hockey post :) nice one!

Marie said...

Ha, you look sooo happy to be there!

Marisa @All in Good Food said...

Thanks so much for this post. I have been dying to go for the longest time but haven't made it yet even though I live so close (Red Wing territory, heehee). Glad you enjoyed it. And the drinks looks so good.

Kung Food Panda said...

Catty: I just had to! :P

Marie: Very happy! Hahahha!!

Marisa: You really need to go, especially if you're a Hockey fan. I should have posted this Red Wing group shot I took...

Anna A. said...

Yay for hockey! My friend plays on the Greek National Team - we don't even have a rink!

Diana said...

Haha, ya learn something new about Danny every day on Kung Food Panda. So hockey, huh? Not sure I have something that would make me grin like that much of a moron. Maybe if there was an Anthropologie Hall-of-Fame and I got to visit and pick out clothes for free?

Bonnibella said...

I don't know a thing about hockey but my Canadian relatives are huge fans!

Gastronomer said...

The Sharks are right next to the St. Louis Blues! Woo hoo! Vern would love this place.

Kung Food Panda said...

Anna: I guess sometimes you don't need a rink? :P

Diana: Ahahaha!! I love hockey, though I'd be happy too if I got a shopping spree at Lacoste or something :)

Bonni: It's the national sport! Gotta support it!

Cathy: Blues fan eh?? He would be better in Teal (Sharks' colors!) jk! :P

Lady Ducayne said...

If you are into hockey so much, maybe its time to learn to ice skate, amiright?


Kung Food Panda said...

LD: I want to die?? Can you teach me? :P

uhockey said...

Awesome trip - went up there for the Hall of Fame inductions this year (Robitaille, ex-king, my favorite even here in Ohio got in.) You missed out on Canoe and Conviction, but great reports and excellent blog.

Kung Food Panda said...

uhockey: As a hockey fan, visiting the HOF was awesome. Robitaille was an amazing player, off the top of my head, 600 goals right? Good to see another hockey fan around! :)