Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggspectation - Oeufs Savoureux (Montreal, QC)



After dropping off our beloved rental car, shown: here and here, we were ready to grab some breakfast before hitting up the streets of Montreal. After looking over Lonely Planet's suggestions, we found an Eggspectation close by to our hotel, so off to get some oeufs (eggs) we go! By the way, I was being sarcastic in regards to our rental car. PT Cruiser? Meh.....


Banango - Banana, Mango, & OJ


Page - Strawberry, banana, blueberry, kiwi, honeydew, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, and OJ

Before going over the breakfast menu, we decide to order some smoothies. My buddy B went with the Banango with a shot of rum. A more exciting way to start of the morning! While my buddy Morg and myself went with the Page, without the extra kick of alcohol. Hey, what can I say, we're good boys! :)

Toast & Maple Syrup

Toast w/ Maple Syrup


Eggstravaganza - 2 eggs, 2 french toast, sausages, potatoes, fruit


Eggwhat? - Corned beef hash, two eggs, toast, potatoes, fruit


Eggspectation - Three egg omelette w/ mushroom, onion, sausage, peppers, bacon, ham w/ grilled potatoes and fruit

We decided to get three separate items off the menu. Even though I did not taste the first two items my friends ordered, they seemed to enjoy it. I decided to go with the namesake of this restaurant, the Eggspectation. Although the food did not blow me away in any shape or form, it did hit the spot on a cloudy spring morning in Montreal.

How does Eggspectation compare to a say an IHOP or Denny's here in the US? I'd say I much prefer the food at Eggspectation. Though, come with no expectations, other than getting some delicious egg dishes, or as the French people say, "oeufs savoureux!" There are quite a few Eggspectations in Canada and Eastern parts of the United States, so get your egg on! Au Revoir!

1313 De Maisonneuve West
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2R9
(514) 842-3447
Official Website


Lady Ducayne said...

Um. Yeah, definitely doesn't look like a life changer...even though the name is CHEEEEEEZETASTIC!

I like how you wrote in French. How is your pronunciation? I'm curious. We shall converse in French soon!

Adieu, mon petit ami!

Diana said...

I think the best part of this place is the name! Eggspectation!

burumun said...

Fruit smoothies w rum to start the day, mmm.
the food didn't look amazing, but I agree, I like the name!

Gastronomer said...

I'm with D and LD - the best part of this place is it's clever name ;-)

Anna A. said...

Eggnominal! And I'll tell you what I think about PT Cruisers offline...

Krissy @ The Food Addicts said...

what a cool restaurant! there's just so much you can do with eggs, and it's just so perfect for breakfast time. (i would eat more eggs if it wasn't for the damn cholesterol!) oh, and great choice on ordering the smoothies too!

joanh said...

hahah, the name is definitely awesome. everything looks fresher than ihop or denny's..

Pandalicious said...

I could go for a Banango! looks refreshing.

Mai @ FlavorBoulevard said...

Yum, breakfast food. The fruits look eggshilarating next to sausages and potatoes.

Lori Lynn said...

Looks great.

I remember eating at Moishes as a kid, and back again several years ago for a reunion. It did not disappoint my memories...

Morgan said...

it's a shame that we had to drop off our rental hearse so early... we could've picked up some hot french canadian girls in it

Kung Food Panda said...

LD: Umm, it's better than Denny's! :)

And umm, bonjour? :)

Diana: Hahaha, the name was definitely catchy, but the food wasn't bad.

GP: Nothing wrong with some booze to start off the day, right? :)

Cathy: I guess it's important to find a catchy name! I hope I have a catchy blog name too!

Anna: Now I'm curious what you think of the PT Cruiser....

Kung Food Panda said...

Krissy: I LOVE eggs too, I think that's why we went. I think some smoothies are always a good way to start off the day, especially one that has some booze.

Joan: Definitely better than Denny's and iHOP, but not a place to go if you have better alternatives.

Mai: I rarely eat breakfast food, so this was not bad!

Lori: Where is Moishes?

Morgan: That was the pimp mobile right?

Kung Food Panda said...

Amy: Yup! That banango was a good idea to start the day!

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