Monday, May 3, 2010

Marea - Worthy Of The Hype (New York City)



Late last year, while preparing my "to eat" list for New York City, I was gathering advice from fellow bloggers and websites to add onto the list. First I was told to eat at Marea by Sam Kim of the LAist, then I read the post by Gourmet Pigs, and after reading links about Marea like this this and this, my addition of Marea pretty much cemented in stone.


Dining Room

I had planned to eat at Marea with a friend from New York, but due to scheduling conflicts, I had to change it into a solo business lunch. Usually I'd hate eating solo, especially at a fine dining establishment like Marea armed with a dSLR, albeit I was on a "foodcation," so the show must go on!

The Marea

"The Marea"

Even though it's midday, but since I was on vacation, I asked for the cocktail menu and ordered "The Marea." A grappa based drink with flavors of wild hibiscus and passion fruit, The Marea was quite a nice start to my meal. The recipe for "The Marea" can be found here.


Astice - nova scotia lobster, burrata, eggplant al funghetto, basil ($8 supplement)

The lunch menu at Marea was pretty straightforward. Pick any 2 courses (1 from Primo section, 1 from Secondo) for $38. For the quality and the ingredients of the food served at Marea, it's actually quite a bargain.

For my first course, I went with the ever popular Astice. Think sweet, succulent lobster (from Nova Scotia) matched up with a generous portion of burrata cheese. Despite not being a fan of cheese as a whole, I appreciated the creaminess of the burrata along with its soft texture. The marriage of the burrata and the lobster went better than I expected. Thus, I must say this is a must order dish. Get it!


Tagliata - creekstone farms prime sirloin, bone marrow panzanella, braised romaine

Even though I had planned on ordering the Fusilli, the famous dish that most critics seemed to love, I was craving beef, and the Tagliata was more appealing to me at the moment. Thus the Fusilli will have to wait for my return visit to Marea.

The two pieces of sirloin were cooked to perfection (medium rare) and the portions were quite generous. The side of bone marrow panzanella was quite divine. Think croutons cooked in bone marrow. The richness of the panzanella went quite well with the sirloin. Delicious!

Petit Four

Petit Fours

Since I had a tasting menu planned at Per Se later that evening, I passed on the dessert menu and was given a nice set of petit fours to munch on.

All in all, the experience at Marea was fantastic. I personally thought the meal here was actually better than at Alto, another one of Michael White's NYC Italian eateries. There were lots of menu items to choose from, from the aforementioned fusilli to Marea's crudo tasting. Will I come back? The answer is an obvious yes! Though the next visit, I plan on coming back for dinner and see what other magical dishes Michael White could dish out. Can someone say Ricci on my next visit??

240 Central Park S
New York, NY 10019-1457
(212) 582-5100
Official Website

Marea Restaurant in New York on Fooddigger


Diana said...

Lobster and burrata sounds sort of crazy to me, but if a non-cheese enthusisast calls this a "must have," it must be pretty darn amazing! Will definitely need to make it here if I ever get back to the city.

weezermonkey said...

Mmm. This is pretty close to our hotel in August....

So much food, so little time!

Ravenous Couple said...

cocktail, check. supplement, check. Great lunch!

bonnibelle said...

I can't believe you didn't get the uni and lardo AND fusilli. I wanted to live vicariously through this post!

food je t'aime said...

Wow that lobster and burrata dish sounds divine. Two of my favorite things together on one plate. And as always, beautiful pictures. I'm so jealous of your tastebuds lol

fel said...

I'll be there soon! CANNOT WAIT! :)

Kung Food Panda said...

Diana: Trust me, it's quite good! :)

WM: I'm gonna go back for dinner next time around, I would recommend that too for you guys!

Hong: Def a fantastic lunch!

Bonnie: Hahaha, that's why there's a next trip :)

Christina: Haha, thanks! Any visits planned for NYC?

Felicia: Have a blast in NYC! I hope you'll like it, along with EMP.

Nomsnotbombs said...

Um, can you say one of the best lunch ideas of all time? Cocktail AND lobster?

Anna A. said...

Mmmm that lobster looks divine. I missed out on Marea for sure. Let's go back!

Kung Food Panda said...

Misty: Can't EVER go wrong with booze in the day time. Cocktail and Lobster AND steak = FTW!

Anna: It's really good. 'Nuff said! :)