Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EFFEN Vodka Tasting @ La Vida (Los Angeles)


La Vida

Awhile back I was invited to attend a vodka tasting, hosted by EFFEN Vodka, and was located at a swank Hollywood eatery called La Vida.

A brief look at EFFEN vodka: Based out of Holland, this smooth spirit was actually designed for the "club scene," thus a younger audience. The rubber non-slip grip is definitely a plus for those busy bartenders around town. In addition, the rubber sleeve helps with the insulation of the vodka. In terms of the taste itself, it goes down smooth and perfect for either a mixed drink or a simple vodka shot at a party.

Below were some of the drinks I tried during the event:


6th and Main - EFFEN Black Cherry, Prosecco, St. Germain

The first drink I tried was one that was made with the EFFEN Black Cherry flavored vodka. With the addition of the prosecco, it has all the makings of a nice, refreshing summertime drink! Very nice!


La Skyline - EFFEN Black Cherry, Chambord, Cranberry Juice

Next up, another drink made with the EFFEN Black Cherry, with a common mixer for vodka, cranberry juice. I enjoyed this one as well, though it was much stronger than the previous drink.


Coonley Playhouse - EFFEN, Simple Syrup, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lime, Soda Water

I likened this for a cross of a vodka tonic and a mojito. With these above referenced ingredients, it's hard to mess it up. I have a thing for refreshing drinks!


The Parker - EFFEN, Chambord, Agave Nectar, Fresh Lime Juice

Honestly, I had hoped this particular drink would be shaken, as I don't think it's mixed appropriately. However, the drink had a profound vodka taste, thus, was able to showcase the flavors of EFFEN.



All in all, it was a fun night. I was able to try a various cocktails with a EFFEN vodka base. The vodka itself was quite smooth and me being a vodka fan, I was quite impressed. Thanks for hosting a fun event EFFEN and La Vida!


stuffycheaks said...

the champagne one looks good but the Coonley looks a little lacklustered in the mint department

nelehelen said...

mmm i would definitely want to sip on the 6th and Main on a hot summer day! looks so refreshing! were you drunk at the end? i would've been wasted off those drinks. lol :P

Diana said...

The glass of prosecco with cherry vodka looks very chic! I can't really imagine you drinking it! Not that you aren't chic. Just paints a funny picture in my head with the little strawberry perched on the top! ;)

Anna A. said...

Did you get tipsy? Cause I did just from looking at the pics.

Bonnibella said...

I would already be gone around the first one unless the event is like 3 days long.

krissy @ thefoodaddicts.com said...

sounds like an alcoholic's dream event!! effen is a pretty good vodka. sounds like a great night!

Kung Food Panda said...

stuffycheaks: Agreed with the coonley statement!

Helen: Thank God I'm blessed or worked on a high tolerance. :)

Diana: Believe it or not, I prefer drinks like that over being manly and shooting it straight up!:(

Anna: I was A OK!

Bonnibella: HAHAHA, thank god they fed us food, but strangely enough I wasn't even buzzed after.

Krissy: Yup, the vodka was pretty damn tasty. Fun times!

Thanks to the ladies that commented on this PR event. I actually didn't expect any comments here :P

Pandalicious said...

effen with prosecco looks refreshing!