Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pintxo - The Second Of My Three Part Montreal Dinner Crawl (Montreal, QC)



After our quick snack earlier at L'Express, we headed to our late night tapas reservation at Pinxo since our earlier walk in attempt was a fail. With the pleasant description on Lonely Planet Montreal and Quebec City we went in with pretty decent expectation of good food.


Cava Codorniu

Since we were at a Spanish tapas place, we figured it's appropriate to start off with sangria, but to our dismay, we didn't see any sangria options on the menu. After flagging down a server, we were told Pinxo does not serve sangria. "WTF??" I thought, so after going over the wine list, I picked out a bottle of cava. I liked the cava, it's refreshing, as always, but I wanted my damn sangria. Fail.

When people ask me, how do you manage to remember meals from a year ago? Usually, looking at the picture will help me remember the taste and my reaction to the dishes. Sadly, this was one of the few times I might have to go with a picture rundown of the meal my friends and I had at Pinxo:

Falsa Lasana de Sardinas

Falsa Lasana de Sardinas (Fresh Marinated Sardine Filet with avacado and peppers)

I enjoyed the flavors of the sardine, but the dish itself wasn't too memorable.

Foie Gras y Gazpacho de Fresa con Pimientos

Foie Gras y Gazpacho de Fresa con Pimientos (Foie Gras & Sweet Bell Pepper and Strawberry Gazpacho)

Definitely not my favorite preparation of foie gras.

Salpicon de txangurro del Puerto de Zumala

Salpicon de txangurro del Puerto de Zumala (Dual of fresh marinated crab and shrimp with peppers)

I really enjoyed the use of the crab meat and shrimp here.

Tartar de Salmon y Escalera de Verduras a la Parrilla

Tartar de Salmon y Escalera de Verduras a la Parrilla (Salmon Tartare & Quintet of Grilled Vegetables)

Salmon tartare, been there, done that. The grilled vegetables were nice, but nothing too special.

Vieira y Chorizos

Vieira y Chorizos (Scallop and Chorizo)

Quite a tasty delicious. Hard to go wrong with chorizo added to any dish, right?

Higo Relleno de Jamon Serrano y Queso Mahon

Higo Relleno de Jamon Serrano y Queso Mahon (Stuffed Figs with Serrano Ham and Mahon Cheese)

Wasn't one of my favorites, but it's probably due to the fact I'm not that keen on figs in the first place.....

Alcatxofas con almeja y jamon serrano

Alcatxofas con almeja y jamon serrano (Artichokes with clams and serrano ham)

Clams, artichokes, and serrano ham. Great mix of ingredients, and it was one of the favorites at our table.

Marques de Caceres Rioja

Marques de Caceres Rioja

After finishing the cava, we decided on a simple, and light rose to accompany the rest of the dishes.

Bakalao a la Bizcaina

Bakalao a la Bizcaina (Filet of Basque Cod served with a tomato and pepper sauce)

Another delicious dish. The fish itself was tender and I enjoyed the tomatoes and peppers used in the sauce.

Carrillera en salsa de Rioja

Carrillera en salsa de Rioja (Braised Beef Cheeks served with Mustard Potatoes)

Delicious. Simply delicious. The beef cheeks were tender and flavorful. Not much more I could have asked for.

Txori Morci

Txori Morci (Chorizo Sauce with Black Pudding Surroundings)

Sadly, I don't remember much about this one....

Morcilla de Burgos

Morcilla de Burgos (Black Pudding w/ Apple Chutney)

This one was quite good, but I'm a fan of black pudding, so it's hard for me not to like a black pudding preparation.

Although I was slightly disappointed with the lacking of sangria of a tapas restaurant, Pinxo was a pretty good spot to munch on some Spanish tapas in the streets of Montreal. While the meal has a few misses, it was definitely a good experience. Was it memorable? Probably not, but not all meals needed to be that way. Since we didn't get any dessert at Pinxo, we were off to the streets of Plateau Mont-Royal in search for some sweets. What did we get you ask? How about dinner #3? A large takeout plate of smoked meat for each one of us from Schwartz, to savor in the comforts of our hotel room.


Smoked Meat from Schwartz

Did we finish the smoked meat? Hellz Effing no. It did make for one helluva breakfast the next morning though! There you have it, 3 dinners in one pleasant Montreal evening.

Final Rating (Pintxo): 7 out of 10

Pintxo Montreal
256 Rue Roy Est
Montreal, QC H2W 1M6, Canada
(514) 844-0222
Official Website

3895 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Montréal, QC H2W1X9, Canada
(514) 842-4813
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Anna A. said...

MMm no sangria?! And in all honesty, that foie looks like cat food :) Wow, Danny, that's a lot of meat (and breakfast). You did serious work in CA!

nelehelen said...

damn that rose looks pretty damn refreshing! i want a cold class of that right now... and yes, the foie gras DOES look like catfood! =P the beef cheeks look and sound amazing tho.

Gastronomer said...

Next stop, San Sebastian for pinxtos! A shame about the sangria. I am obsessed with that stuff, especially cava sangria.

Diana said...

So what is this black pudding you are so fond of?

Can't believe you aren't a fan of figs! Bet you'd like them in ice cream form... ;)

Kung Food Panda said...

Anna: I try :P

Helen: Ya, that foie was no bueno. Sadness.

Cathy: September 2011!!! :)

Diana: I really havent tried many figs...

Anonymous said...

the beef cheek great
the foie gras excelent
so the cod
5 start work