Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rivera - Fine Latin Dining Experience In The Heart of Downtown Los Angeles (Los Angeles)


Backlogs, queues, however you refer it, I have a backlog problem for my blog. Thankfully, with good pictures and occasional note taking, it has allowed me remember most of my meals. As I was going through my old food pictures, I came across my dinner at Rivera back on Thanksgiving of 2009. With Chef John Rivera Sedlar as one of the chefs on tonight's season premier of Top Chef Masters season 3, I figured it's as good time as any to post this. Since this dinner was almost a year and half ago, I'll go with the ever popular picture post.

piquillo relleno
piquillo relleno - Stuffed spanish pepper, chorizo, gruyere, jerez, avocado oil
caballito de sopas dobles
caballito de sopas dobles - Two latin soups, different flavors, different temperatures

Usually two soups are served, but on this particular night, the soup that was brought out was the butternut squash. I would have to say, it was fantastic!

tortillas florales
tortillas florales - Housemade Nixtimal Tortillas, "Indian Butter"

This is one of the must order items at Rivera.

conchas - Oysters of the day, cucumber caviar, mezcal

patates xips
patates xips
patates xips - Caviar, chipotle-lime crema, kennebec potato chips

You really can't go wrong with caviar.

melon de mar
melon de mar
melon de mar - Poached maine lobster, compressed melon, chile verde gelee

arabesque - Scallops, eggplant, preserved lemon

duck enfrijolada
duck enfrijolada - Goat cheese, stacked blue-corn tortillas, black bean puree, chile rioja sauce

trucha - Tasmanian sea trout, saffron quinoa, yellow gazpacho sauce

maya puerco pibil sous vide
maya puerco pibil sous vide
maya puerco pibil sous vide - Banana leaf braised pork shoulder, peruvian potatoes


Palate cleanser. It's time for dessert!

baba cachaca
baba cachaca - Citrus, dulce de leche

bizcocho de avellana
bizcocho de avellana
bizcocho de avellana - Hazelnut-chocolate sponge with orange-cava sorbet

torta xocolata
torta xocolata
torta xocolata - Chocolate torte, drunken pineapple

Now, this is Rivera, how can I forget about the cocktails here? Even if you're not hungry, Rivera is one of the best cocktails bars in all of Los Angeles.

Tony Manzana
Tony Manzana

This is easily one of my favorite cocktails. As what many have said, it's an "adult apple juice."


Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Blood Sugar Sex Magic is probably my favorite cocktail here in Los Angeles. With ingredients like basil and whiskey, those are not typically my favorites, but for some reason, it just works.

Tequila Trio
Trio of Infused Tequila

La Bamba
La Bamba

With the meal complete, Chef Sedlar invited us for a tour of the kitchen and along the way, he showed us the use of the famous stencils that appears on the plates of most dishes at Rivera.

Chef Sedlar
Chef Sedlar
Step by Step Process

Even though it's been awhile since this meal, I definitely remember this being a fantastic dinner. Great food, drinks, and vibe, what's better than that? Good luck Chef Sedlar, I'll be rooting for you on Top Chef Masters!

Chef Sedlar and I
Me and Chef Sedlar

Rivera Restaurant
1050 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 749-1460


weezermonkey said...

I didn't know Sedlar was a contestant! How fun!

KrisDub said...

Crap, now I'm hungry. *shakes fist* nice photos!

Diana said...

I didn't know that Sedlar was a contestant either! I'm hoping he whips up some of that fine-looking saffron quinoa for the judges. ;)

Gastronomer said...

I'll take a picture post over no post at all from the Kung Food Panda.

bagnatic said...

love your pictures danny!

the melon de mar is especially gorgeous.

Kung Food Panda said...

WM: Yup, did you watch it tonight?

Kristen: Haha, thanks. You should check out Rivera or Playa.

Diana: No quinoa for Sedlar on the first episode

Cathy: LOL, thanks superstar!

Amy: Thanks :)

Anna A. said...

Love that shirt on you Danny! I was just telling my NW friends about Rivera and the flower pressed tortillas. I've actually never dined here. Maybe when I come back in June?

rental elf said...

Very nice, thanks for the information.

joanh said...

so cool you got a tour of the kitchen! that reminds me i gotta tivo top chef masters!

Pandalicious said...

I'll have a blood sugar sex magic. thanks! also, a side of oysters. yum.

Kung Food Panda said...

Anna: Thanks! :) Meet me here in June!

rental elf: My pleasure.

Joan: It was a great experience. Not so on this season of Top Chef Masters.

Amy: Agreed with you there!

Food Kingdom said...
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gourmetpigs said...

I'm just repeating everyone else apparently, but I also didn't know he was going to be on TCM!

Man that poached lobster w melon looks gooood

Kung Food Panda said...

Fiona: And he left TCM pretty quickly :(

Ya, I want to go back soon!