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Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup Tour Stop #5: 72 Beef Noodle Soup - 台灣牛肉麵導遊之五: 七十二牛肉麵 (Taipei, Taiwan)

72NRM (72 牛肉麵)
七十二牛肉麵 (72 Beef Noodle Soup)

Yes, this is it! This is part 5, and the final chapter of my mini beef noodle soup tour of Taiwan. Although some of you guys might be sick of reading about beef noodle soup that's all the way in Taiwan, it was enjoyable for me to write about the cuisine from my home country. There's no way that I was going to end my tour without writing about my favorite beef noodle stop in Taipei.

72NRM (72 牛肉麵)
七十二牛肉麵 (72 Beef Noodle Soup)

I was brought to 七十二牛肉麵 (I'll refer to it as 72 NRM (aka niu rou mian) on this post) by my friends on my second night in Taiwan. Already stuffed from an all you can eat hot pot lunch with my aunt and cousin and then snacks at KTV (Chinese karaoke), I was seriously questioning the idea of getting more food to eat. Yet, since I am on vacation, that doubt quickly dissipated, especially when I saw all the cow bones hanging outside. Oh ya, I thought to myself, this shit is going to be good.

72NRM (72 牛肉麵)
72NRM (72 牛肉麵)
七十二牛肉麵 (72 Beef Noodle Soup)

The interior was clean and quaint. And for all those that are afraid of the heat, like myself, this place does have air conditioning.

Stewed Meat
招牌牛滷花干 (Niu Lu Hua Gan)

We were first given this small bowl of the restaurant's famous 牛滷花干. Frankly, I don't know what's the best way to translate this thing other than the fact the items were stewed in the beef broth. Tender, beefy, and delicious. We were given this for me to test the broth, as the actual 牛滷花干 was actually sold out and this was the remaining batch they had left that night.

Thousand Year Egg with Tofu (皮蛋豆腐)
皮蛋豆腐 - (Thousand Year Old Egg Tofu - Pi Dan Dofu)

Yup, another beef noodle soup place, another order of the thousand year old egg tofu side dish. As I've said, I love this stuff!

Dry Beef Noodles (乾拌牛肉麵) with Clear Beef Soup
Clear Beef Soup (牛肉湯)
Beef Soup (牛肉湯)
Dry Beef Noodles (乾拌牛肉麵)
乾拌牛肉麵 (Dry Beef Noodle Soup - Gan Ban Niu Rou Mian)

While  I don't normally order the dry version of the beef noodle soup, I was told the version here was fantastic. True to their word, it was delicious. We ordered two bowls of the dry beef noodle soup and chose each of the two broth offered. While I've mentioned before that I've generally passed on the clear broth with regards to beef noodle soup, the version at 72NRM was phenomenal. In fact, I liked it a lot more than the soy sauce braised version. It was rich, beefy, and yet, subtle enough you could drink 2-3 bowls worth of the broth.

Clear Beef Noodle Soup (清燉牛肉麵)
清燉牛肉麵 (Clear Broth Beef Noodle Soup - Qin Doun Niu Rou Mian)

Yup, more of this amazing broth. It reminded me of the Korean Oxtail Soup (gomtang), but better. Also, instead of having the beef in chunks, we were served thick sliced beef. The beef itself was tender and flavorful. This was a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup.

Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵)
Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵)
紅燒牛肉麵 (Beef Noodle Soup - Hong Shao Niu Rou Mian)

This might be something most are used to seeing. The dark beefy broth was quite nice, but comes second to the clear version. Although a delicious bowl, I personally prefer the clear broth version.

72 NRM (72 牛肉麵)

I liked this place so much I had to make a return visit before my flight back to Los Angeles.

72 NRM (72 牛肉麵)
72 NRM (72 牛肉麵)

Since 72NRM was a 15min walk from my aunt's house, I decided to work up an appetite and walked over for my last meal in Taiwan.

招牌牛滷花干 (Niu Lu Hua Gan)

Since what I had previously wasn't the exact dish since they ran out of a few of the items to make this, I had to order this. Again, it was delicious. Beefy, tender, cooked in that beautiful broth.

Stir Fried Lu Wei (炒滷味)
炒滷味 (Stir Fried Stewed Combo - Chao Lu Wei)

This is their signature side dish, 炒滷味. Basically it's a mix of the stewed items, but stir fried in chili oil. So. Fucking. Good. This is a must order! Add a bit more of the bone marrow chili sauce that's provided, it's off the hook. Yes, I said bone marrow chili sauce! This would go SO well with an ice cold beer!

Dry Beef Noodle Soup (乾拌牛肉麵)
Dry Beef Noodle Soup (乾拌牛肉麵)
乾拌牛肉麵 (Dry Beef Noodle Soup - Gan Ban Niu Rou Mian)

What did I order? I went with my favorite from the previous visit: dry beef noodles with a side of clear broth. Again, it was delicious.

72 NRM (72 牛肉麵)

72 NRM is a place I'll return over and over again. It has become my favorite beef noodle place in Taipei. It's a place I'd recommend to family and friends (which I did here). The 72 from 72NRM meant the 72 hours the shop takes to make its beef broth. The pain staking process of making their broth were shown beautifully in each of their bowls served to their customers. Although everyone has their favorites in Taipei, 72 NRM has become mine. Trust the Panda, eat at 72NRM!

If you can read Chinese, this and this were great posts on 72 NRM.

Rating 5 out of 5

七十二牛肉麵 (72 NRM)
台北市大安區 (Taipei City, Da An District)
建國南路一段188號‎ (Jin Guo S. Rd, Section 1, No. 188)
Phone: (02) 2752-5970‎

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bagnatic said...

5 out of 5! that's saying it's perfect :0

now you got me craving thousand year old egg, with a huge bowl of beef noodle soup of course....

Pinoy Panda said...

Wow! A 5 out of 5 rating from the KFP. The clear beef soup is somewhat similar to the Filipino bulalo soup. Can't wait to try that out in Taipei. I love how they hang the beef bones on the side of the huge burners.

BigFire said...

The linked video claimed that they've also have embedded herbal medicine on some of their soup for that extra shot of energy. Really?

kirbie said...

Ah finally! I usually don't like dry version or clear broth version either..But you have me sold. Bookmarked on my to-do list. Can't wait!

Kung Food Panda said...

Amy: It was a perfect bowl. I'll find a place that makes the Thousand year egg tofu dish.

Remil: I love the place. We will go multiple times.

BigFire: I'll take a bowl of that broth over chicken broth anytime! :)

Jenn: Try both. Try all 4 bowls and the sides. Trust me :)

Beef No Guy said...

Yeah I first came here almost 2 years ago. What a revelation and eye opener. 72 hours on mostly low heat to melt down 1.5 kilos of ox bones into pure soup with no additional power and no MSG. Probably creamier than Gom Tang. The Himalayan Rose salt addition is a nice touch. The free refill of broth is a good way to fill you up. US$5 for that bowl of goodness is a steal. I should try the hua gan next time, I've only had hua gan at Lin Tung Fong beef noodles.

Gastronomer said...

Nothing signals a winning place like BEEF BONES on the sidewalk! How cool is that?

Glad to hear you walked to your final bowl of noodles. Walking is our friend ;-)

Kung Food Panda said...

Ken: I forgot to use the Himalayan salt both times :(...didn't know about the free refill on brother either. Hua Gan was great!

Cathy: The least I could do was exercise :)

anh said...

Bone marrow chilie sauce!? Wow, that's off the hook. No wonder food from abroad tastes different than in the US. This post was delicious to read from begining to end.